Renault Kangoo

City: Bonn
Mark - Renault.
Model - Kangoo.
Year of manufacture - 2013.
Body type - wagon.
Color - White.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 1,600 cm.
Transmission - Mechanics.
Mileage - 86000 km.

Price: € 3886,00

Ideal car for family vacation, villa, building, etc. Clearance 19 cm. All the maintenance procedures passed at the office. the dealer, the timing belt is replaced, the service book. Build France! Galvanized body + warranty on the body 6 years. A huge salon! All the seats are folded in a flat floor, you can take away anything. Adapted engine to start the frosty climate. ABS + AFU (emergency braking assistance), AIR BAG, On-board computer, central locking, folding rails, mud flaps, armrest with storage compartment. Air conditioning, CD \ MP3 \ AUX + joystick on the steering wheel, folding tables on the seats, three-section aircraft type on the ceiling, 4 electric windows, heated driver's seat, elevator steering and driver's seat, el. heated mirrors, fog lights, engine protection metal.

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