Land Rover Range Rover Sport

City: Berlin
Mark - Land Rover.
Model - Range Rover Sport.
Year of manufacture - 2014.
Body type - SUV.
Color - Red.
Type of fuel - diesel.
The volume of the engine is 3,000 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 56000 km.

Price: € 18462,00

Rover Rover Sport 3.0 D. There are: a rear view camera, a panoramic roof, fully electric seats and much more. Additionally, the Satellite Search Engine is installed. There is a second set of winter tires. All THAT was carried out during and while the car was under warranty, only from the official dealer. Ready for any checks. There are no censures either on the body or on the salon. Of course there is a service book. Full set of keys.

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