Volkswagen Jetta

City: Paris
Mark - Volkswagen.
Model - Jetta.
Year of manufacture - 2008.
Body type - sedan.
Color - blue.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 1,600 cm.
Transmission - Mechanics.
Mileage - 125000 km.

Price: € 1658,00

Excellent comfortable car. Reliable reliable operation! The mileage is native and is confirmed by a service book. The body is galvanized, corrosion and chips are absent. The body did not fight, entirely in native paint. From pleasant options: High-quality multimedia, heated front seats, climate control, power steering, all power windows, electric heated mirrors, ABS, airbags. Protective mesh in the front bumper, a set of salon carpets, alarm system with a central lock and feedback, two sets of keys and trinkets from the alarm. In the car did not smoke, animals were not transported, so the interior, however, like the body, is in excellent condition! The car does not require absolutely no investment! Any checks. A new battery is installed. A complete set of keys and documents from the car.

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