Ford Mondeo

City: Marcel
Mark - Ford.
Model - Mondeo.
Year of manufacture - 2011.
Body type - sedan.
Color - Silver.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 2,000 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 112000 km.

Price: € 1964,00

In excellent condition, with a real, not twisted mileage. Large spacious lounge, comfortable for both driver and rear seat passengers. Two-zone climate control creates a comfortable temperature in the cabin. The rich department is very roomy. The car is suitable for both quiet and dynamic driving, for a metropolis or for long trips outside the city. Timely served. Passed all THAT. There is a service book. Body in native paint. In the cabin they did not smoke. Winter tires included. Full set of keys and documents. Summer tires included.

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