Subaru Legacy

City: Berlin
Mark - Subaru.
Model - Legacy.
Year of manufacture - 2010.
Body type - sedan.
Color - gray.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 2,500 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 98600 km.

Price: € 3491,00

Powerful and reliable business - sedan Subaru Legacy GT. Timely served, which was expressed in high reliability. During the operation there was not a single breakage or no pleasant surprises. A powerful engine paired with an automatic transmission will allow you much, both in the city and on the road. A permanent all-wheel drive will provide comfort and confidence on the road. The car has everything you need from a modern iron friend: - Climatic control system for two zones; - full electropackage; - light and rain sensors; - Cruise control ; - podolevye petals; - Keyless access (2 keys) - a multimedia head unit with a rear-view camera; - the hatch; - interior leather. Included with the car is winter tires hakkapelita 7 run flat, r18, as well as the summer Japanese rubber toyo Rare car in a very decent condition.

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