Land Rover Discovery

City: Berlin
Mark - Land Rover.
Model - Discovery.
Year of manufacture - 2015.
Body type - SUV.
Color - White.
Type of fuel - diesel.
The volume of the engine is 3,000 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 61000 km.

Price: € 10475,00

Your attention is presented to the legendary SUV. A rich package with additional options. Premium leather. (the color of coffee). There is an off-road package (there are sensors of the ford depth), which is quite rare in the cars of the latest generation of Discovery. The system of a circular review. Installed Webasto. Very careful operation. The car was purchased and serviced by an authorized dealer. There are no painted elements, there are no chips. Very dynamic and soft car. It is created for comfortable driving in any road conditions. Biturbated diesel engine in 249 hp. Low fuel consumption: along the highway 8l / 100km, around the city 10-12l / 100km. There is a set of summer tires. The best in this premium class car simply can not find.

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