Audi Q7

City: Berlin
Mark - Audi.
Model - Q7.
Year of manufacture - 2012.
Body type - SUV.
Color - Black.
Type of fuel - diesel.
The volume of the engine is 3,000 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 200000 km.

Price: € 7201,00

The car is in good condition. Used as a family car to transport children. Garage storage. Service at authorized dealers. In the complete set: Leather seats with electric drive and heating Multi-wheel Bose Speaker System Cruise control Multi-zone climate control Power Mirrors for Heated Rearview Mirrors Trunk Door Closer Front, rear Keyless access Pneumatic suspension Rain sensor Light sensor headlight washer Full set of keys In the cabin they did not smoke. There is a service book. "The body is completely in factory paint The engine does not smoke, Everything works perfectly ... "

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