Toyota RAV4

City: Berlin
Mark - Toyota.
Model - RAV4.
Year of manufacture - 2016.
Body type - SUV.
Color - Black.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 2,000 cm.
Transmission - Automatic.
Mileage - 18000 km.

Price: € 12632,00

Toyota RAV 4. The year of release 2016. The mileage is real 17900 km. The machine is in perfect condition. Condition of the new car. Complete set COMFORT (very rich complete set). A car in one family - though a few owners! Passed 2 TO (the first after a month, the second at 10,000 km), which is confirmed by a service book. The machine is under warranty. An expensive Pandora alarm system is installed with control on the phone. Only garage storage.

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